Performance and Installation

2B Gallery, Budapest
White Bird Gallery, Oregon
WAH Center, Brooklyn, NY
55 Ferris St., Brooklyn, NY
Art in General, NYC
Franklin Furnace, NYC
City Gallery, NYC
Longwood Gallery, Bronx, NY
Bowery Bar, NYC
Pier Show, Brooklyn, NY
Soho 20 Gallery, NYC
No Se No, NYC
Metropolitan Museum Plaza, NYC
A.I.R. Gallery, NYC

Excerpt from "Everybody is a Hero" performance,
Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, Brooklyn NY, Feb. 12, 2000

     "Everybody is a Hero" performance stills
     WAH Center, Brooklyn NY, Feb. 12, 2000




Detail of "Tickertape"
Performance painting




"Mobile 2000" Interactive Installation at the Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, Brooklyn NY

Mobile 2000
Collaboration with Daniel Georges
approx. 12'h x 12'w x 14'd (dimensions variable)
steel rod, handmade paper, felt tip markers,
net, paper clips,mixed media
posted text:
     Reach into the box and pull out a sheet of paper.
     Add your marks, comments or desires to the sheet.
     Use a paper clip to attach your sheet to one
          of the streamers.


Handmade papers in box have
newspaper images imbedded.
Participants add with markers
to papers and hang them on streamers
with paper clips. Agitation caused
by participants make the entire mobile
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