Performance and Installation

2B Gallery, Budapest
White Bird Gallery, Oregon
WAH Center, Brooklyn, NY
55 Ferris St., Brooklyn, NY
Art in General, NYC
Franklin Furnace, NYC
City Gallery, NYC
Longwood Gallery, Bronx, NY
Bowery Bar, NYC
Pier Show, Brooklyn, NY
Soho 20 Gallery, NYC
No Se No, NYC
Metropolitan Museum Plaza, NYC
A.I.R. Gallery, NYC

Excerpts from "American Peace Shrine" performance
Produced by Art in General at Cortlandt Alley, NYC, June 22, 1991
Video Documentation by Daniel Georges and Nanako Kurihara


"American Peace Shrine" performance stills
Cortlandt Alley, NYC, June 22, 1991




          Performance and Installation
             Painting, Drawing, Sculpture
            Art Fashion
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