Interactive Sculpture Proposal 3/14/03


Materials: Glass with aluminum frame, aluminum wire, bronze lamp with light and lens.





The aluminum wires pass through a hole in the large glass and go to the ground where they come together in a braided bundle. The bundled wire comes back up (in the foreground) and unwinds into a printed circuit pattern that is laid out on a smaller piece of glass. The wires terminate at a round bronze lamp embedded in the center.



The collective strength of the wires carries the glass and lamp cantilevered from where the wire bundle touches the ground. The wires will be ductile aluminum so that a person on the pathway between the wall and the large glass can step onto the grass and manipulate them into any configuration.




The lamp will cast shadows of the wire configuration on the wall at night. A lens on the lamp will allow the size of the shadow to be adjusted.





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Daniel Georges Sculpture