Revised Sculpture Proposal 4/21/03


Materials: 16mm diam. stainless steel wire, black steel hoop, bronze lamp with light and lens.




The size of the sculpture is much larger than the first proposal. The printed circuit pattern is almost two meters high. The glass has been eliminated entirely and the wires are much stronger. The wires cannot be moved. The entire structure is cantilevered off the central base (see side view). As the wires rise and unwind toward the building, they pass through a black hoop which is in a vertical plane parallel to the wall. The hoop is suspended by the wires, but because of the cantilever and the way the wires respond to the shape of the hoop, it appears to be an opening floating in space.



The light in the center will still project a shadow of the wires on the wall at night (see original proposal), but the wire itself will be much more prominent.




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