Interactive Installations
All the installations on this page invite people to influence both the content
and form of the art as they participate in its evolution.




Touch Screen     2011
approx. 9'6"h x 16'w x 3'd (dimensions variable)
mixed media with lycra
interactive installation




Dream Array   
approx. 8'h x 16'w x 8'd (dimensions variable)
oil pastel and paint on aluminum, binder links,
steel wire, and posted text:


On the Leaves, scratch a note or image
from a real or imagined dream
open the links and move them to change the array.


Dream Array (detail)



Mobile 2000      collaboration with Rumiko Tsuda
approx. 12'h x 12'w x 14'd (dimensions variable)
steel rod, handmade paper, felt tip markers, net, paper clips,
mixed media and posted text:


Reach into the box and pull out a sheet of paper.
Add your marks, comments or desires to the sheet.
Use a paper clip to attach your sheet to one of the streamers.


Handmade papers in box have newspaper images imbedded. Participants add with markers to papers and hang them on net streamers with paper clips. Agitation caused by participants cause the entire mobile to circulate.
Mobile 2000 (detail)



The Shape of Fear
approx. 15'h x 20'w x 16'd (dimensions variable)
lycra fabric, rope, pulleys, pvc tube, stone,
wire, wood, steel rod, paper, pens, and posted text:


1. Make a note of something you fear or
of something or someone that fears you.

2. Place your note in an open tube.

3. Move one of the tethered lids to cover the tube that holds your note.

4. Receive the note you have uncovered.


The Shape of Fear (detail)


Movement of tethered lids by participants causes counterweights to alter the shape of the white fabric floating overhead.



Absence/Presence (detail) after about 300 interactions
approx. 10'h x 12'w x 12'd (dimensions variable)
tye dyed lycra, steel rod, cast structolite, stones, wood,
pen, paper, rope, pulleys and posted text:


Please make a note of one of the following:

A place where you have never been but always wanted to go or
A person or thing that you miss deeply or
a past action you would change if you could.

Add your note to a rock from the pile and hang it up on the steel wire.


Absence/Presence after about 20 interactions


Absence/Presence after about 200 interactions

Rocks added to the steel wires slowly lift the counter weights and stretch the fabric causing the form to rise and grow.



Reposillarium (Wishes, Desires, Prayers) Artists Space, NYC, 1997
approx. 12'h x 14'w x 14'd (dimensions variable)
lycra fabric, rope, pulleys, structolite, stone,
wood, steel rod, paper, pens, and posted text:

Reposillarium (Wishes, Desires, Prayers) (detail)