The volumes on this page were developed by inflating balloons within
various wire structures


Rex Inflator   
approx. 98"h x 94"w x 34"d (dimensions variable)
steel rod, resin, paper mache', and gel coat


 Rex Inflator (detail)




Light Box      (two positions)
approx. 80"h x 40"w x 26"d (dimensions variable)
steel wire, paper mache', pigmented resin, and mixed.
Sculpture is counter-balanced to stay in orientations chosen by viewer



Breath Generates a Cage     1991
approx. 88"h x 50"w x 55"d
wire, paper mache', and steel



Suspended Animation   
20"h x 28"w x 13"d
steel wire, steel rod,
pigmented resin, and wood



Wishes, Desires, Prayers 1996
hanging installation at Brooklyn Brewery
approx. 86'h x 100"w x 55"d (dimensions variable)
steel, stone, lycra, and gathered texts on paper



Inflated Form (Study)
39"h x 23"w x 18"d
wire and latex balloon



Plinky (Study)
31"h x 27"w x 21"d
wire and latex balloon